We are Designers

01. Graphics
Annual Report, Company Profile, Brochure, Poster, Menu, Advertising Banner, Calendar, Invitation
02. Branding & Identity
Logo, Stationary, Identity Guideline, Sales & Marketing Tool, Packaging & Label, Exhibition Graphic
03. Digital Multimedia
Motion Graphic, 3D Images Animation & Production, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Interactive Media and Video Corporate, Product, Commercial, Teaser
04. Technology & Infrastructure
Architecture, Interior, Booth & Pavilion, Augmented Reality, Hologram, Video Mapping

We are Exhibitions Contractor

01. Custom Booths
We are able to plan and build a broad spectrum of high-tech displays for high class, professional companies. We examine all viable possibilities in order to satisfy your unique needs for professional originality with our personal touch of distinction.
02. Infrastructure
Make booth shine Remember to order electrical for that special lighting and we have the equipment necessary to convey your message.
03. Services
Freight Handling, Fresh Plantations Arrangement, Exhibit Storage, Cleaning Services
04. Digital Multimedia
For Booth Activities we can make, Digital Guestbook, Interactive Games, Interactive Information, Digital Poster

We are Event Organizer

01. Meeting
We organize meetings for organizations and companies, helping start from setting up location, place, food, and meeting decoration, assisted by a professional team to make the meeting even more memorable and interesting
02. Incentive
We assist you in organizing incentive events such as anniversaries, family gatherings and awards events and rewards to employees or workers who have been instrumental
03. Conference
We help you who want to hold a conference wherever you want, with a mature concept supported by complete facilities and reliable experts both domestically and internationally.
04. Exhibitions
We provide exhibition booth design and services using a variety of visual methods, which will certainly improve the quality of a product or company.

We are Advertising

01. Web & Apps Development
Creating a tailored user-friendly website and apps based on the unique needs of your industries. Corporate website, Product website, E-commerce, Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
02. Video Marketing
We have a dedicated in house production team that not only help to create video but also think about strategies that reach a right target audience. You can retrieve viewer database for further marketing purpose.
03. Digital Communication Strategy
With our special methodology, we provides full branding-marketing strategic planning for your products and services. Besides, TVC, Print Ad, Digital Campaigns, Below the Line events & various Digital Strategies.
04. Event Interaction Strategy
Impressive Presentations trough an interactive software in live events will accelerate consumer purchase decision and ensure it’s continuity. We offers controllable, customisable content along with precise evaluation and social media integration.

We are Branding Consultant

01. Digital Advertising
We do a structured digital ads. It includes analysis, strategy, creative banner, ads material, daily basis monitoring and deliver a comprehensive report. We work on various ads media, namely Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads. We create ads that generate leads to sales or to increase your sales. In the other hands, we also create ads that help to increase awareness and engagement.
02. Social Media Marketing
We involve from the start to the end. It means we do Social Media Strategy and maintain your account on daily basis. We ensure that your brand messages are delivered and reach the right target audience. Your followers will find your account not only informative but also addictive.
03. Search Engine Optimization
We made your brand/company appear on the first page of Google through search engine optimization. More exposure on brand, more website visitors.
04. Digital Campaign & Activation
We can crack ideas to boost product awareness and engagement that are suitable for your business.<br /> Launch a campaign or promote a business? We work on activation to create a campaign, spread brand / product message that you wish to promote. We build engagement with both your existing customers or new targeted customers. Example: Blogging competition, photo competition.

We are Industrial & Corporate Photography

01. Corporate Photography
Corporate Photography
02. Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography
03. Photojurnalism
04. Architectural Photography
Architectural Photography

We are Productions House

01. Conceptualization
Understanding the final result is important for us to deliver your story to the Audience. Crafting and Concepting together with your brand and teams to deliver the right message in the right way.
02. Pre-Production
Planing, planing and planing is key to good production during day of shoot. We take care of the details with a dedicated Producer for each and every project. Making sure every thing in place before the day of shoot.
03. Production
Photo or Video Shoot is no different. We prepare well with professional teams to execute our plan. Communication with you every step of the shoot process, only using proven vendors and professionals to deliver our day of shoot.
04. Post-Production
After shoot day, we create the magic in our studio, detailing out every color and tone of the stock visuals. Some production requiring animation and heavier Digital Imaging works will also be produced at this stage.

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